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Our panel of guest speakers; Tendai Angela Jambga, Langa Lloyd and Nyasha Adler.


I feel like we live in a world where as young African Females, we no longer know ourselves. I say this because I personally struggle with image and self-acceptance as a blogger. There are times when I look at the next girl and admire what she has and wish for what she has. But in all true fairness it is wrong and unjustifiable, nor is it fair to my body and my mind set. So much of a woman’s body is exposed and ridiculed in mainstream media that as women, we no longer know ourselves anymore and we tackle body shaming at all angles everyday! Which is why the 2nd Style Sessions focused on Beauty, Skincare and Make Up in Zimbabwe; trying to educate and inform ourselves of the natural/mineral based brands and products based in Zimbabwe and also going in as far as discussing personal beauty and health issues as women. “Ridiculing what really bothers us and openly talking about our personal struggles with our bodies”. It was truly an eye opening segment that left nothing unturned! From African Beauty Standards to naturalism to tackling inner perceptions of the right mind set, the right mind frame and the right attitude for your body that starts within. Our guest panel of speakers was nothing short of amazing. We had Langa Lloyd, Founder of Zimbabwe’s first mineral based make up line Langa Cosmetics talking about African beauty standards as a model and former pageant queen. Who knew she is actually a tomboy at heart and loves a good pair of jeans! Tendai Angela Jambga is a self-taught wellness, fitness and yoga enthusiast that is set to launch the African Beauty Factory (ABF) in October 2017. Guests had the official first snippet of what ABF will entail in 2017 with a close and intimate look into understanding your attitude, the forces within you and the basis of your “true calling”. What really caught my attention during her segment was the “true Calling” – at times as humans you can see the signs and you can feel it within your environment and your heart that something is not for you or something much bigger awaits you. The True Calling draws your attention even in circumstances where you do not realise it. It makes you question what is your true calling? Nyasha Adler was our final touch for this segment and what a talk she gave! I don’t think I am able to highlight ever plausible thing but she gave an in depth analysis into naturalism and living a fulfilling natural based lifestyle. Nyasha took on to live a naturalist lifestyle after her own personal battles with health and finally coming to terms with her whole being. It is almost difficult to come to terms with your whole being; you are sure to ask yourself a lot of questions and be left even more confused and dumbfounded, but Nyasha was a great example of that whole being aspect having taken the time to research, understand and pinpoint how to achieve a natural lifestyle.

In case you are wondering that “natural” I keep mentioning in this post; it’s pretty simple really. It is adopting a lifestyle that is made up of a balance of an organic diet, wellness, fitness, healthcare, mind, body and soul. It is embracing the natural status quo which is free off chemicals, preservatives and harmful ingredients; whilst choosing to switch to a more equilibrium based lifestyle. With that I will give examples of natural hair (with no lye relaxer), a strict exercise regimen (without relying on diet pills, artificial drinks and/or steroids) and finding time to stay in tune with your attitude and meditation (adopting a book or a feelings journal during your me-time).

I know for sure I will dive more into the topic of #LoveTheSkinYouAreIn on the blog because I feel there is more to share that this post has not even begin to cover! The emphasis was to really touch on who we are as opposed to what we are whilst understanding the full measure of the mind, body and soul.

Thank you to the British Council Zimbabwe for the venue, food and setup, Tendai Karonga who was our MC, BrainWorx Studios for sound production, Mary’s Favours for their Gift Bag Contribution, Nono’s Beadery World for their Beaded Jewellery pieces, Langa Cosmetics for their Bath Bombs and Make Up Tutorials. The guest speakers Langa Lloyd, Tendai Angela Jambga and Nyasha Adler.

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